I'm considering buying speakers for my new Heritage Softail classic.  Does anybody here with a similar bike recommend speakers?  I have a windshield but am still wondering how much I'd be able to hear the speakers while riding (with wind noise, road noise, helmet on, etc).


The speaker set at the Harley Davidson dealer is pretty pricey ($400), so if anybody can recommend a different option please let me know.


My second alternative is to buy a Bluetooth headset that would fit in my helmet that I could connect my iPod with wirelessly.


Or if neither of those options pan out then I may just use earbuds with my iPod whenever I want to listen to music.


Thanks for any advice/thoughts.



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Ray, I ride a softail and have been riding with speakers hooked up to an ipod for almost three years.

The best speakers out there and I've listened to them all...for the money are J&M 4" speakers (with built in amps)

check them out!  http://www.jmcorp.com/


There the bomb... forget earbuds, forget blue tooth.... J&M ROCK around town or even on the interstate doing 80mph!

Eddy HD

I have Cardo Scalarider Q2 Multiset that attaches to your helmet, this is no problem for me because I always wear a helmet. You can hook your ipod to the headset and listen to music. It also ia an intercom to your rider or to other bikes. It has an FM radio also but it really isn't that great. I really like mine but get it on Ebay a lot cheaper than a dealer. It also has Bluetooth.
I rode for years with an IPOD or satellite radio connected to earbuds.  I have always detested wearing the earbuds; some are more comfortable than others, but all in all, they are not very comfortable.  And then you have the wires to deal with.  Bluetooth might solve that, but I'm not sure since I haven't used a bluetooth with my music while riding.  However, I did buy Kuryakyn Sound of Chrome, and I love it.  I keep my IPOD and satellite receiver in my windshield bag, and just plug it it when I ride -- this gets it out of the way -- I just can't change songs easily while riding, but then, they're all songs I've chosen, so if I don't like one, I should just delete it from the IPOD, right.  I ride a Dyna, but the Sound of Chrome will work for the Softail also.  And, yes, you can hear it going 80 mph down the road.  Cost is $399, so not any cheaper than HD, but they look good for the style of my bike.  Looks good, sounds good, and conveniently tucked away.  I finally found the solution that works for me! http://www.kuryakyn.com/Products/1070/The-Sound-of-Chrome


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